Dear SBC _________________

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I was involved in another blog string the other day that brought up an interesting question. It seems that many people that care about the SBC have a myriad of expectations of what the SBC should be doing or should be expected to do.

If you could write a letter to all the churches that are cooperating with the SBC, what would your letter look like? What would be your top three themes that express what you believe the SBC should be about doing and why? But then, and possibly even more important,…What would be at least three things that you would say…hey, this is way beyond what I would like to cooperate with and lets get rid of these three things. (things or programs that already exist.)

Give it some thought. Six things. Three things you are excited to be involved in with cooperating churches and why…..and three things you would like to see leave the SBC that if absent would bring about unity in a more profound way.