A New Season

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For the past few years my service in God’s Kingdom has been mobilizing, training and leading short-term teams to Muslim peoples. This role fits me well and it is a joy to serve in this capacity. Prior to this service, we lived among Muslims and absolutely loved it. Our family has always felt God would eventually move us back among Muslims. It appears that time has come.

In a few months, we are planning a move to live among one of the least-reached people groups in the world… God willing. Of course, we are not going alone, but leading a team. This is an exciting time for us, but also quite stressful. There is much training to be done, even more logistical items to handle and all our emotions, not to mention those of our family members, are running wild!

We are sharing this with sbcIMPACT! readers for two reasons. The first is that you are, in a strange new-fangled technological way, part of our community and we would appreciate your prayers during this transition. The second is that I am overwhelmed with preparations and will not be posting here at sbcIMPACT! for quite some time. This does not necessarily mean I will not have time to read and comment in the blogworld, only that I will not have time to prepare quality articles and interact with comments.

Thank you for your prayers.

Peace to you in Jesus’ name,
From the Middle East